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About Me

I am an unapologetic communist, furry, and transgender individual who is very engaged in politics and recent events. I'm originally from California but my family moved to Washington right before the Ice Storm of '96 hit. I like music, art, the furry fandom, computers, programming, games and exploring new things. These days Mastodon/the Fediverse and Twitch take up a good amount of my time and I do a little bit of streaming when I find the time to. I'm still not that great at getting back to people but e-mail and Discord might be your best bet if you do need to reach me. I'm rather active on Mastodon in particular but I'm terrible about responding to Direct Messages. My pronouns are She/Her and They/Them.

Profiles and other places where I put things

Discord: oddfox#5959

Steam: oddfox

Second Life: Yzma Tiramisu

Deviantart: oddfox

YouTube: oddfox

Twitter: oddfox

Twitch: msoddfox

Linktree: oddfox

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